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Meet Juli and Jason

We are a fun loving couple who are equally super nerdy about everything Disney from the merch, history, and of course the food! When we met, which was at Disney,  one of the first conversations we had was about our individual podcasts. Juli co-hosts/produces a Disney food podcast called One Little Spice and I(Jason) host/produce A Glass Blowers Companion and founded WyzGuy Media. This spawned the idea of us co-hosting our own show and within 10-days of the idea we launched our first episode "WTF Did We Get Ourselves Into??".

We both wanted to create a show for adults that encompassed current Disney news and events along with sprinkling in some history. Basically we wanted to create a show that we could just be ourselves and talk to adults like adults aka cuss on a Disney themed podcast.  Juli says it was all her idea but I think it was mutual. Either way here we are and hope you enjoy.

-Juli and Jason



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