The Dolphin




Lesson 2- The Dolphin

In this lesson we will continue to lay the ground work for understanding the manipulation of borosilicate glass. The Dolphin is another deceptively simple shape and will lead to the understanding of glass flow and consistency in heat-base as well as learning how to use simple tools for sculpting details.  This lesson will begin to help develop your eye for symmetry regarding the tail.

Material List

16mm rod
8mm rod

Butter knife
marver pad
graphite paddle or petal flattener

Video Lessons

Here you will be able to access lesson's pertaining to the manatee. Each video will take you through a detailed description on specific point of the process. These detail videos are designed to give you valuable practice lessons that you will carry over to lesson 2.

Full Lesson

Full Lesson

This video will show you the entire process of creating the manatee. You will be able to see visually what the heat is doing to the glass in and out of the flame. Typically when I'm creating these type of figures my L-Marver is used but for these demos I'm using a marver pad instead just in case you do not have a marver for your torch.

Practice Lessons


Practice Lessons

This video lesson will give you practical techniques that will carry over to all areas of sculpting glass. Whether your adding the manatees arms or fins on a fish, this will show you how to practice your "scales" as if you were learning how to play a guitar




Face Details


Face Details
In this video lesson you will gain an understanding of proportions to detail as well as utilizing tools for details like the mouth, nostrils and eyes.